Monday, June 28, 2010

Happy Birthday Deuce, here's your present, it's an infection!

Poor Deuce! Deuce celebrated his 1st birthday on Sunday with a raging stomach ache and an infection of his "man bits". I feel so horrible as I think it was my fault that all of this happened, well not the stomach part but at least the infection. Deuce has always had a very sensitive stomach, to the point that I won't feed him anything other than his food and I even use it for treats or very bland charley bears. He has had horrible gas in the past, which has cleared up somewhat as he has aged thank goodness, but the sensitive stomach has stayed. For whatever reason, Saturday night, his stomach revolted against him and he basically had an intestinal explosion in our dining room which thankfully is plywood floors and no furniture, so easy to clean. He had a total of five accidents all of cow pie consistency and very smelly. I immediatley started to bulk him up with some cooked rice throughout Sunday and he seemed better so we left to go run some errands in town. Well, when we got back, it looked like another poop bomb had gone off in our house. The smell was unbearable and Tony immediately headed back outside till i had everything cleaned up. This time there was poop from one end of the house to the other and they had walked in one of the piles so it was smeared everywhere and there were little poop footprints going everywhere. Now I was starting to get worried. I couldn't believe how much poop was coming out of this dog! More rice down and Tony and I decided to not do yard work but instead stay inside with Deuce and of course watch True Blood Season Two.

Around 7 pm, I noticed that Deuce was getting more and more uncomfortable. He just seemed to not be able to settle, would go from place to place and seemed to be biting or licking his flank area. He got worse and worse so we held him down and inspected him and his man bits were very red and swollen and smelled infected. I couldn't believe it because we had not seen him licking. What I thought about though was after every explosion, I had taken him out and washed his touche with the water hose. I never did dry him off and he is a very hairy boy so apparently the little licking he did get in and the water staying in that area had all worked against him. He now has a very nasty infection and his poor man bits are very red and swollen. We stayed up together most of last night, with me watching him and him moving from place to place trying to get comfortable. I even iced his man parts to help him and he laid there and let me! Poor baby!!!!! He had a couple of times that he needed to go outside but seemed like the diarrhea was slacking up.

Took him to the vet today and he got his cone of shame put on and his poop area shaved a bit so I don't have to wash him so much. He is getting steriod cream on his man bits to try and help the swelling and the cone of shame is working as well. I am taking the whole day off to be with him as I would worry myself to death if I had left him today plus i have had maybe a couple of hours of sleep if you patch all the little naps together so I am not in the mood to be around people in a social setting. I really do think the diarrhea is done but not sure how long it is going to take his man bits to clear up. I feel so responsible since i was just hosing him down and not thinking about causing an infection. I guess I will have to start drying it with a hair dryer to make sure it is dry from now on. I just wish his tummy would settle down but it took Harley's stomach 7 years to settle so this may last for a while!