Sunday, June 29, 2014

An easy week of running

Well, minus my long run, it has been a nice easy, get my body back use to running.  I was pretty sore after my three miler and felt really discombobulated, but as the week went on and I stretched more and did more yoga, things got better.  My four miler on friday was one of those dream runs, perfect pace, perfect cool wind blowing (not too hard but enough to cool me off) and perfect company.  I am long running tomorrow but still nothing crazy, just a six miler.  Going to try and get up and go around 6 am and see if we can avoid the humidity that has been brutal at 5 am.  I met up with my running coach this morning and did a grocery shopping trip with her to discuss good nutrition and started talking about plans.  I am really excited to start training for some PR runs in august for my two 10 Ks and then tackling Conquer the Konza.

I have been thinking a lot about agility lately.  Mainly because 99% of my friends are dog friends and they are constantly posting about their fabulous runs and shows but also because all of the fall shows are coming up and I need to enter.  Since I didn't teach this spring (I really don't know how I could have fitted it into my crazy schedule of running/dog shows), I have no extra monies for shows.  I am trying to figure out where the extra money is going to come from.  I really don't want to have to sit out till I can teach again.  I have been making it work so far just entering shows less than 3 hours away and only entering saturday/sundays thus far.  I may have to go back to camping out or start begging my friends to let me stay at their places to save some dough.  I have done it before so I can do it again.  Heck, I have slept in my car to save money.  So, thinking about how to do this.  Right now I want to do Triune's show over labor day weekend (maybe three days if I can swing it), Agility ability the next weekend, USDAA in october, the Kansas city Golden show in Lawrence in october, and I think that will be enough for the fall.    I also need to figure out how to fit classes into my schedule.  Anything on a week night is pretty hard for me to fit in, but I have to do this.  Deuce turned five this week and I think we are starting to see a brain so I can't give up now.

This happened yesterday.  Andrew refused to nap.  Well, he napped in the car on the way home from the grocery store and it was too hot to leave him there so we had to bring him in the house.  He instantly woke up.  We attempted all day to get him to re-nap to no avail.  Yes, he is semi naked in the first pic.  We had decided to try the new Radina's bake house in town and it is right next to the splash pad.  Note to self, he if can see the splash pad, he will want to go to it and get in the water no matter what, be prepared.  I just stripped him down and put a new diaper on post splash pad.  Anyway, I had given him a sucker just to keep him semi-happy (he was tired and angry all afternoon and i was at wit's end) and I had put on his cartoons.  I sat down at the computer for a few minutes and he was instantly asleep (sans sucker).  He is still asleep now as I type (6 am) and was down for the count at 7 pm last night. Wow.  Not sure I want to deal with angry toddler again but early bedtime was kind of nice:)

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I will never go on another vacation again...

....if it means coming back to this chaos!  Work has been non stop crazy and getting up early has been super tough.  But, it is wednesday and I am praying things will be better at work and that I at least get out to do some agility with mr deuce tonight as this is the last class of the session till fall.  I will say that the sunrise this morning was spectacular as I was doing my four miles and that really pumped up my runner's high.  I tried to take a picture but it really didn't do it justice.  The corn is as high as an elephants eye (LOL) and I sing Oh what a beautiful morning, the whole time I run.  
A little hugh jackman for your hump day:)

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vacation Plog part 3

I am going to attempt to blog from my phone (and it didn't so i had to wait and upload on the computer). This may or may not work.   Still trying to figure out how to get pictures to load. I am at that point where I don't want our vacation to end, yet I am ready to be home and back into a routine. Andrew and I have been sleeping till 9 am every morning so it is going to be tough to get back up at 5 am to run.
Well since I left off, we had a date night and got to eat at outback steak house on a gift card and go play putt putt golf at Casey Jones village.  We had a few friends join us on the course.  Yes, a mommy coon and her four babies helped us play and they were not pets.  It really was so nice to just get away by ourselves. We don't get that at all in Kansas with all of the grandmas being in Tennessee.  Andrew had a wonderful night with grandma and grandpa and even slept with Grammy.  We even got to go get a night cap at a local bar downtown that had live music with my cousin and one of my high school friends (who was in town too for the week). After another barre class the next day, we had lunch at the bakers rack, a cool new downtown restaurant and then headed out to Martin.  Andrew had another birthday party with the Coleman family at his great grandma Coleman's house. Andrew got some new trains and some new monster trucks.
While in Martin we visited the Discovery Center.  It is a really awesome interactive museum/exploration center complete with an earthquake simulator that simulates the reelfoot lake earthquake, a huge tall tower you can go up in that has glass floors (yes, I freaked out and wouldn't move), and several children's areas that tony and I had fun in too!  It is on 50 acres so there are many things to see an do outside including an entire settler's village, a tractor barn, an old church, fire house, state house, and pond/streams complete with ducks of all ages.  Andrew especially loved the ducks and really wanted to pet them so we had to work extra hard to keep him from doing so.  We had a great time and wisely bought two day passes so we could actually see it all.
 All in all it was too short and I loved seeing family.  The drive back was uneventful thanks to Deuce not eating any trash and andrew mostly sleeping.  Till next year Tennessee!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A vacation plog part two

Rather than write a bunch of words, here are the pictures from our trip so far! Andrew is train crazy so we knew he had to go to the train depot and the fire station to see the big trucks, as well as Casey Jones museum.  A little tip, the museum its self isn't that much but the gift shop is FULL of Thomas stuff so save your money and just go to the gift shop!
Driving the Snorkel One that my stepdad was a captain on.  He LOVED the fire trucks!
He got a hat and several badges and of course candy.  They also went to the train depot in downtown Jackson but the photos of that are on the hubby's phone.  
Had to go to Casey Jones museum.  Really cool old steam trains!
The gift shop was half thomas stuff and that is where we spent a ton of time.  They also had thomas episodes going on the tv.    Andrew LOVED it!
So much Thomas stuff!
Thomas overload!
After Thomas we had to go to the legendary Casey Jones soda fountain.  I use to go here as a kid and get milkshakes and hot fudge sundaes and of course lots of old fashioned candy.  He took a few bites of his ice cream and was pretty much done but he did sit still for a few minutes.  
This was actually from the night before.  We ate at this super cool place called Rock and Dough Pizza.  The pizza was so good and they brewed their own beer there too.  I did a flight and enjoyed pretty much all of them except the really hoppy IPA.  Andrew loves pizza and ate probably 2.5 slices.  Tonight, we get a date night, just Tony and I!  I am so pumped about a meal without a toddler!  YIPEEE for grandparents!  

A vacation Plog

Instead of words, I am going to dump pictures.  Tomorrow is our last day in Jackson and then the party starts in martin.  Here are a few things we did this week.  The very first thing was drive and boy was it a long drive.  While andrew cooperated and slept most of the drive, Mr. Deuce puked the entire drive.  The night before and the morning of our trip, Deuce had raided the trash can.  He may or may not have eaten an entire birthday cake.  Let's just say I have never seen a dog vomit that much.  Our van was pretty much covered from front to back.  I am kind of glad I didn't put him in his seat belt so at least he could drop loads all over the place.  It stunk so bad and ever time he did it, we had to pull over and try and clean up.  A 9 hour drive took us more than 10 hours but that still is pretty good considering.
Andrew has had a great time with his grammy and grandpa or whatever he is going to call them.  Most of all he has really bonded with grandpa which is super awesome.
There has been tons of playing and bubble blowing and swimming.
It isn't the beach but we will take it.  Record high heat as soon as we stepped foot in the state.
Birthday presents.  We told everyone no presents but I guess no one could control themselves!
The coolest thomas cake ever!
He licked the icing off and then wanted to swim.  So far he isn't huge on sweets like cake and ice cream. He will take a few bites and that is it.
Lots of naked swimming went down that day with his cousin.  They weren't too sure about each other at first but they quickly warmed up.
These two had to join in the pool party.  We finally got tired of telling them no.  They have pretty much been in it ever since.
The naked cousins sat on the concrete and played trains.  Ouch.
This was all the first couple of days.  We had all of the gordon/day side come over and had cake and ice cream.  I love my family and love seeing them all!  To be continued!

Friday, June 13, 2014

A quiet week

Maybe that title is misleading.  It was a quiet week with regards to running.  It was not a quiet week with regards to life.  This was Andrew's birthday week.  I have had a whole week of recovery so I am just doing the runner's world streak by fast walking a mile every day.  My body has not been sore per se but it has been tired.  I can tell that if I had to do a specific work out that my body would be none to happy.  I am also suppose to take a week off next week too but I will be doing barre classes with my mom and walking too and maybe even sneaking a little run in.  I am already itching to see my newest running plan for the fall.  I have Conquer the Konza first which is a 15 miler and then two halfs, one in KC in October and one near KC called the Longview Half.  Interspersed amongst all of this will be marathon training.  I get shivers just thinking about these big goals!  Go big or go home I guess.

We are also traveling to TN.  For anyone reading this who wants to break into our house and steal our stuff because I am posting we will be gone, good luck.  We are leaving the attack dog at home with a house/dog sitter so have fun.  He will rip you a new butt hole.  You are welcome.  This trip may be super duper fun or not.  The last year wasn't too bad traveling with an infant but it may be a whole new ball game with a 2 year old.  Especially a 2 year old that has full blown 2 year old itis.  Above is his birthday present.  He wants to live on ride on toys.  He tries to ride any and all of his toys so this will be so much nicer than riding his tiny toy train sets.  We had a very small birthday party just the three of us and the dogs yesterday.  We will have a bigger birthday party in TN with the family.  It sounds like many of his presents involve riding toys and that is fine.  He loves everything ride on.
I will try and blog as much as possible when we get to Tennessee.  I am looking forward to some grammy time, some me and tony time and some awesome food and drink. I really do love seeing both sets of families and re connecting with everyone.  I miss home so much and all the people there.  See ya soon Tennessee!  

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hospital Hill

I always like to blog pretty close to after whatever even I am blogging about whether it be a race or a dog show.  That way the emotions are still raw and on the surface.  I had blogged about not being super excited for this race because I had been ill.  Add onto that, the weather reports were getting worse and worse for the day of the race which really made me feel even more down about the whole thing.  Even though I have been fever free, I still felt very weak and lethargic.  I had decided to make the most of it, take friday off and try and rest up.  Unfortunately as it usually goes when I am off, I had 100 loads of laundry to do and fold and put up, an oil change to get done on sir stubby, and a house to clean.  I had to make myself just sit down several times and rest.  We also didn't get on the road as early as I had hoped.  Funny thing, I had left andrew at daycare and told them to put him down for his nap like usual and we would be by to pick him up when we got ready to head out.  The little stinker actually refused to nap, but was out like a light as soon as we got there and got him loaded into the car.  I was a little worried about KC rush hour traffic, especially since we got such a late start.  The packet pick up and expo were open late so i figured we would be okay for that but wanted to eat dinner with my friend and her kiddo and hubby and she needed to eat early to get ready for the 5 K that night.  We hit rush hour and standstill traffic right at the exit we needed and it was bad.  I HATE traffic, it grates my nerves and makes me a mess. Not knowing exactly what exit we needed made it hard to know what lane to even be in.  We had to get off to a state highway that I hadn't even heard of, which happened to be in the far right lane ( I was in the far left of course) across about 6 lanes of super bad traffic.  I was really lucky that KC people are nice drivers and let me very quickly go across 6 lanes to get to my exit. I never have liked the way traffic is routed through downtown KC and I continue to not like it.

I was super excited to check into our hotel and go to the expo.  This one was suppose to be bigger than any of the ones we had lately and while it was the biggest, it was still pretty small compared to the rock and roll series.  Oh well, I guess they set the bar extra high.  I did get the cool shirt that I put in my previous blog post with the names of the hills and elevation chart.  I also found a vendor that made kid's shirts and got one for andrew.  
He will outgrow it this year but I couldn't pass it up! I think she will make a killing off of parents like me that eat this type of stuff up!  Our hotel was right next door to the expo which was easy as far as parking (we just walked from our hotel right to the next one all indoors) and the hotel itself was super swanky (we even had valet parking).  Again, I am not use to having nice hotel rooms so we got way to excited about the single use coffee pot in our room and the super awesome bed with big pillows.  Tony and I each had our own bed LOL!  

We had dinner post expo and were a little disappointed.  The pasta buffet was eh.  I am glad they didn't charge us for andrew because he ate one bite and then went into full blown toddler mode and wouldn't sit still.  Tony and I had to take turns eating and entertaining because every time we put him in his seat, he started screeching at full volume and we were getting the stink eye from several people.  We did have great front row seats to the start of the 5 K and we did get to see my friend finish with her son running across the finish line (he is the same age as andrew).  I am really glad I didn't run both because I needed full strength and energy for the race.  

We also visited our first real toy store.  They had a whole wall of thomas stuff.  Andrew was enthralled to say the least, however he also didn't understand why everything was in packages and why he couldn't take everything out.  
That Thomas was 400 bucks.  So glad he didn't see it.  
 We did end up with a mickey.  It is his new best friend and oddly enough, was reasonably priced for disney merchandise.  Andrew did go to bed around 10:30 which wasn't ideal but it was better than 11 or later.
This is what the 7:30 am radar looked like.  At 5 am it was thundering and lightening and pouring.  I was really thinking they would call the race.  The storms weren't really severe but I really didn't enjoy running in a storm at the Garmin half.  Mentally it just wiped you out.  I also really didnt' want to pay for a nice hotel for no reason.
We came prepared.  Fashion by Glad.  I am really glad we had them, LOL.    I think staying dry, although a little warm, helped keep my spirits up.  They delayed the race till 7:30.  It actually stopped long enough for us to get into our corrals, hear announcements, the national anthem and get started without the typical wave start so we could all get going before the next round of storms.  I moved up a corral and found the 2:15 pacer for the start.  I really didn't have a time goal, but after the last race, I really enjoyed the talking and joking that goes on with the pacers, so wanted to stick close to some pacer somewhere.  I ended up with the 2:20 back pacer and she was awesome!  It started raining at mile 2.  I had shed my garbage bag because I was getting hot and quickly had to put it back on.  I had my phone in a ziploc bag so couldn't take good pictures, but the sights were really amazing (until we got into the residential areas, boring) and looking around took my mind off of the rain.  I admit, I was already counting down the miles starting at mile 4ish.  The rain was pouring and my ear buds wouldn't stay in my ears and there was no one to talk to.  I actually imagined stella was running next to me.  I hit the first big long hill and it really kicked my booty.  I have trained hard for this race but this week had taken some out of me and I could tell.  I tried not to get down and luckily i could't see my pace because I had put my watch under the garbage bag to keep it dry, and I was only getting splits from my phone app.  I was hearing high 10s most of the time and even some 11s.  I just accepted that.  The 2:20 pacer caught up to me as I was slowing down on the later hills.  The pacer from my last race had been at the expo and he had warned me that the last two hills were the worst, so I was super glad to have her talking to me through both of those.  Broadway hill was the longest and Trinity hill, although super short, was SUPER steep.  Like one of those that you feel like a cartoon character running in place and not going anywhere.  He wasn't joking about the toughness of those two.  After Trinity it was downhill to the finish line, and I had to just tell myself mantras to keep myself going till the end as I really wanted to slow down or walk.  I walked through a couple of aid stations to take in water but other than that, I did not walk up any hills.  They may have been super duper slow but I will take that.  
As usual, the finishers chute was a flurry of activity so I got my stuff and got to tony and andrew quickly.  I had shed my garbage bag at the end as it has stopped pouring and the photogs were at the end so wanted some good drowned rat pics.  We slowly made our way back to our hotel to warm up and shower before we headed out.  Then a very strange thing happened.  Looking back I think I know what it was but at the time I was clueless.  I usually get very nauseous after a race.  In the chute I was super thirsty so I took a whole cup of gatorade and downed it plus water, chocolate milk and half a banana (that andrew ate the rest of).  I quickly got in the shower and had a big mess on my hands as my pony tail had turned into a GIANT knot that i had to use a ton of conditioner on to detangle.  I think what happened was I was in the hot shower too long and I over heated.  I was very sick after wards, dry heaving, shaking and feeling like I was going to pass out. I literally would pack one thing and would have to stop and take a break.  I have never felt that weak and sickly after a race.  I feel much better now, although starving as I usually am later in the day.  I am really glad this race is over and not sure  i will enter again.  One and done.  I am not a fan of huge hills and knew that was what this race was about before I did it.  Now I can say I did it and move on.  Bucket list race check and done.  

Thursday, June 5, 2014

T minus two days!

Another taper week. I wish I could say I am super excited about this weekend but I am not.  The usual pre-race jitters have been replaced with lethargy.  I have had a pretty bad week with regards to sleeping.  My wonderful little toddler has been refusing to sleep at night which means I am getting 6 or less hours a sleep. I am one of those weird people that needs 8 or more, so this is a big jolt to my system.   Dependent on my run routine for the day, I have been getting up at 4:45 or 5 am to get my run in before my hubby has to get up and get ready for work.  Anyway, I thought yesterday that the feelings I had were just from lack of sleep.  I was contemplating asking my hubby for a night where I could just go sleep in the guest room at around 9 pm or even earlier.  When I got home,  I was achy and getting the chills.  A quick taking of the temperature revealed 101.2.  That was with the digital so I didn't believe it and took it with our older regular thermometer.  101.2.  NOOOOOOOOOOO!  I immediately went to bed and promptly slept 12 hours.  I got up with a fever but have been fever free since around 7 am this morning.  I now just feel weak and depleted.  I could run like this but it wouldn't be fun.  Am downing zicam and drinking fluid and praying.  I really, really don't want to miss this race!!!!

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Another blog post today?

I  know, I know, two blog posts in one day.  The red headed kiddo is sleeping and I elected NOT to nap today.  I had way too much to get done today when he went down.  Too many loads of laundry calling my name and a dish washer to unload and load.  Hubby is cooking ribs again tonight so got to have everything ready for the mess that is my hubby's cooking.  I title this picture "waiting on robin".  She sure does love robin and is so excited to see her every time we run.  

We decided to go to Linear trail today.  Most of it is shaded.  I guess I am going to have to get super selective with where I run if stella is involved or else get up at 3 am and carb load to go out at 5 am to run.  We left wamego around 7ish and hit the trail around 7:20 and it was already icky.  Once again, the temps are awesome, around 60, but the humidity, that usually doesn't get bad till late july and august has been BRUTAL.   I will make her wear her cool coat soaked in ice water on the next run no matter what.  We pass under two bridges and the swallows have built their nests under both.  It is kind of scary to run under and pray they don't all come swooping down to get you but they were preoccupied, I guess gathering food.    We were scheduled to do 10 but we elected to do 8.  We had both ran hills on friday, three yesterday and were both feeling it.  I use to freak way out about not doing exactly what was on my schedule, but I have since learned that the world won't end if I don't follow my schedule to a T, and my coach won't kill me.  She knows I know my body and I do what is right for me.  I am kind of excited to talk to her about the new training cycle for this summer and possibly the one for the marathon in the spring.  
Most runners take selfies of them or their shoes or scenery.  I take selfies of my doggy.  
And yes, she does sleep eventually.  Have an awesome week!  It's another taper week for me!

A 3 hour nap

Another week of morning running down. My body is still adjusting and yesterday I did sleep for three hours during the day to try and catch up.   I may have found a solution to mr.  andrew's not wanting to sleep at night problem.  Seems like the mornings that we get him up at 6 am or I should say he gets up because daddy is getting up, he goes to bed early.  Now to just keep getting up at 6 am instead of sleeping till 7 like I normally do on my rest days.  I am still doing the runner's world streak and am technically on day 7 even though I forgot to use my phone to log two of the running days so they say I have only run three days. Boo.  It has been really great temperature wise this week BUT the humidity has been horrible.  It gets better as the sun rises which is odd to me but we were drenched after every run.  This was from the day we did the hill repeats.  Hurts so good.
Stella was quite fluffy after that run.  Even though she doesn't have much coat, she gets really fluffy after humid runs.  
This was before yesterday's run.  I needed to do four but I was so tired from not getting enough sleep and also STILL battling a stupid cold.  I slept in till 7 and then did 3 in the humidity.  I also woke up with the worst headache that I had before I went to bed and was hoping it would be gone by the morning.   It didn't and I now know that I can run with a headache and not die.  My left eye felt like it was going to pop out of my head the whole time.  I didn't even turn on my watch because I didn't care about pace.  I am running three days in a row this week plus I did a ten miler on monday so yesterday and today, I am not caring about pace.  We are long running in less than an hour and the watch will not be cut on.

My favorite time of the day.  Post run with my coffee and breakfast and baby:)  
I love dog show/race weekends but I really love just being home.  We were townies for a day yesterday.  Manhattan celebrates the summer with a townie day where all the townies (anyone local that was not a student) gather down in aggieville and have fun at the local restaurants/shops.  We celebrated with them with spicy pork nachos from fuzzy's tacos and a cupcake from billy vanilli.  Both were delicious although Andrew didn't like either the breakfast burrito we bought him or the cupcake we bought him.  What he did like was the splash park at the discovery center.  

It was a happening place yesterday.  Andrew loves being with the other kids.  For the most part the kids were nice and respectful.  There was one kid that was the "bully" and his grandma was NOT watching him at all.  I didn't say anything to him but I wanted to, especially when he pushed my kid out of the way to chase a toy down.  I know there will be kids like this everywhere but he really had NO manners and was pretty much mean to every kid there.  I was really glad when his grandma took him home.  The other kids were so nice and so much fun to be with.  Even that big mob of boys in the picture were careful with the little ones and I appreciated that so much.  

Well off to get ready for another long run.  Last long run before the big race next weekend!  I am starting to get that nervous/excited feeling!  Can't wait to finally have a race with a good expo.  Isn't that what it's about, buying new running gear?   This race is going to be super tough but I have no time goals, just have fun and finish where i finish.   After HH, I get two weeks off for recovery and we go on vacation during this time. Perfect planning!  I am going to rest, relax, enjoy free baby sitting and take some barre classes with my mom.  Then we start training for the 15 mile trail race in september.  YIPEEE!