Monday, November 12, 2012

a quickie

Have 14 minutes before I have to take something out of the PCR machine so I thought I would quickly blog about my weekend.  Let's just say, even though we only had 2 qs out of 9 runs, I was very, very pleased.  We did the walk of shame a couple of times for self releasing and I did have to be a contact criteria nazi but I had a few runs where I trusted he would drive into position and hold and he did.  My last two runs of the weekend were the best.  Beautiful responsive runs, no crazy handling just dancing together on the course.  Of course a bar in each run but I will take it.  The only part of the weekend that bothers me was his weaves. He was struggling with entries and one day, missed every entry.  Part of it was the whole I don't want to pull issue, which seemed to have resolved itself by day three.  Part of it was i have no clue.  Maybe we haven't seen that particular entry. I should probably take course maps and write on them entries we are having trouble with and go home and work it with the short set of weaves either channel or 2 x 2 but I have so much on my mind usually that I forget.  I will take a weekend like this even without the Qs.  We did some handling moves that I haven't done on a course in AKC.  Thank you to Dan butcher for some really, really nice courses that were challenging and fun.  I really feel like the harder courses are the ones I do better on because I never take any thing for granted and I work every single obstacle.  Those are the ones that you walk away from and even without a Q you say, DAMN, that was fun!  It really restored my faith in AKC as the last two weekends have had some very USDAA master like courses.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Blowing in the wind

Lots of things swirling around in my brain so wanted to sit down for a minute and get them out.  The first and most important one probably is that I do have funding at my job till at least mid next year.  Kind of glad in a way but kind of sad as well. I know this sounds weird but I was kind of getting excited for a change in a way.  I think I will probably still keep looking for a job even though I hadn't found anything yet because I am always worried that I might be passing up on greater things.  Sometimes I feel like I am way to comfortable in this job and that i need a change, a jolt.  Other days it sure it nice to know that i can set my own hours and take off when I want to,especially if the munchkin has had a bad night or it snows.  So we have also been selected to be a beta test site for a new genome sequencer.  I have never done sequencing so I am excited/nervous to learn yet another new skill.  Helps bolster the ole resume for sure.

Did run my first 5 K post pregnancy. Pretty much had to give up running while I was preggers thanks to all day sickness and then my back.  I had tried to get back on track as soon as the dr. gave me the green light to and did so for about 10 weeks till I couldn't run due to the fact that hubby was working 12-14 hour days every day including weekends and i couldn't take andrew with.  I had to take a few weeks off, but I am happy to say that hubby is back working regular hours so I can finally get back into it even if it means running on the treadmill.  I prefer to run outside as I do better when I have somewhere to go, a course per se,  but I will take what i can get.  Stella and I ran our first 5 K together last weekend and despite me coughing up a lung pre and post race, had a great time and ran it in 37:55.   Not my 10 minute miles I was use to but hopefully I can get there.  Have a great running buddy that really encourages me to not feel guilty when I can't train but to feel good about the training I do get in and just have fun.  I am so competitive that I get very wrapped up into training plans and races and I loose the fun in it.  I am just going to train when I can and still enter races and hope for the best!  This last race was a trail race and it was fun so may have to find more like it.  Kind of nice having stella to pull my butt up those hills!  Time to invest in a running leash though, have some nasty bruises from my normal leash around my waist.  I love runner's highs and can't wait to have more!

Have a dog show this weekend.  Got out on sunday and did some training with my trainer.  Not really a lesson, but she had to set up some courses for the WAO try outs so helped her set them up and then got to run them while she was taking a break.  I LOVE international courses!  SO fun, so challenging and so rewarding when you get through them.  The wind was really bad that day so had to get creative with keeping the winged jumps up.  Got to try lots of back side blind cross combos (I am sure they have an official name).  I love those international moves!  So fluid and so trusting:)  Wish we had more of this kind of thing more often on regular courses  but the majority of my agility is AKC (ick) so not likely.  I am looking forward to seeing how deuce's contacts will be.  May have to baby sit them the first day and then test them the others.  I  think I am entered in T2B so that may be the place to work them if it is first.  Just looking forward to getting out and playing with my baby d.  I wuv him so much!!!!!
Here is how we have to do it in KS.  There are also stick in the ground weave poles behind each wing!