Thursday, April 25, 2013

KCDTC weekend

I wasn't going to blog about this weekend yet here I am.  I have an experiment I am doing today that has 10, 15 minute washes.  Bleh.   Lots of down time where I can't really do much more than read emails or check FB or blog so here I am.  This weekend was pretty good again, as I sound like a broken record, despite the lack of a single Q.  Was fun watching lots of my friends with their successes.  Many of them are really hitting their strides and qing like crazy.  Several got their first QQs this weekend and some even got multiple QQs.  With my trainer now in their neck of the woods, their hard work is really showing.  Tried to get some of my runs video taped.  The only run I got on tape was a standard run in which he had no bars (figures) but missed his weave pole entry.  It was a super tight entry from a tire where if you pulled too tight, they missed but if you sent out too far to line them up better, there was an off course tunnel that caught them.  It was the part of the course that got everyone, one way or another.

There was only one run the whole weekend that I absolutely want to forget.  It was partly my fault, partly his. I hate courses that you walk and you get super excited about because you feel like it is a totally doable course. Give me super hard, super tricky, there is no way I will get through this alive any day of the week because with those courses comes 0 expectations.  This course had so many expectations on it that I was super nervous going to the line.  I had planned a three jump lead out with a moving front cross.  There was an off course tunnel right at that spot so an ill timed FC would send them right in the tunnel.  I usually lead out and when I get to the spot, I look over my shoulder and release him.  Probably due to nerves, I looked over my shoulder way to early, which i never do and he took that as a release cue.  Now, okay is his release cue so I should have pulled him for doing that but I must admit, I should probably stop doing the moving release,should probably go back to stopping in position, looking at him and then saying okay.  I didn't really even release he fully released himself till we met each other at the second jump.  Why I thought I could get that FC in still was beyond me.  My brain was not functioning so i tried to rush to get the FC, sent him in the tunnel, tried to pick him up and continue on course, made him miss two jumps and the weave pole entry.  Called it quits after that.  We left the course together, happy as it was my fault for the train wreck WAY more than his fault.

Had a gorgeous standard run sunday, one that you dream about. Tight, efficient, full of wonderfulness but he couldn't hold onto the table.  I tried to yell out wait as if yelling and pointing would magically help him hold on but he just couldn't do it.  Oh well.  We had been discussing collection before the table since it was on a big outrun loop but I just felt like he would read my decel and hang on.  He didn't:(  Never the less, it was an awesome run and I was proud that we got the part that was biting most other handlers without a hitch and he got the weave pole entry after running full out extension for 4 jumps.

Had three runs with bars.  The first two on friday were really nice, but bars in both.  I did a verbal correction but that was all.  Was fully prepared the next day to take him off and poof, no bars.  Was good sunday in standard with no bars but then had one in jww but i didn't even hear or see it so missed an opportunity to mark it or correct for it.  I will continue with a verbal correction and see where it takes us.

The best part of the weekend, other than nice runs and my favorite vendors at which i spent a ton of money, was the fact that my mom came up from TN to watch and help me take care of andrew.  I have gotten to where if I can't take andrew, I don't want to go, but at the same time taking him is a monumental task and I need all the help I can get.  I go home at night from the shows exhausted but happy because I love my little man.  Mom did it all this weekend from changing and feeding to holding and getting him to nap while I walked and visited and shopped.  Bought her a cute shirt from my fav vendor but that little shirt doesn't even begin to repay what I owe her for this weekend and week.  Poor little man is teething something fierce.  I think he has at least 3 if not more teeth all coming in at the same time.  He doesn't want to go to sleep at night and is getting up super early so he has kind of been a grumpy mess.  She has been keeping him during the day, all the while cleaning our house, playing with our dogs, cooking at night, and doing laundry.  This women is a super hero!  I so wish she was closer, not to use her more (although that part would be nice too LOL) but so she could see andrew continue to grow and change.  Just in a week, he has really gotten good at balancing while pulling up and now will hold on with just one hand and will cruise.  I think we are really close to getting the standing down without help and next come walking (BIG gulp).  He is already terrorizing the dogs with his walker that he now goes forwards and backwards in quite well.  They still seem to get their feet run over as they don't realize how fast he can move.  Shows will be harder once he does start walking.  Now he is quite content being held or being in his stroller, but I imagine we will have issues when he wants to be down and walking all the time.  I trust most dogs but not all and would hate to put anyone's dog at risk for  any nasty behaviors just because they have never been around kids, especially mobile, shaky little kids.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Bars. Not the kind you drink in. The kind you knock.  Lots of bars.  The story of my weekend.  Beautiful runs with stinky little bars.  Usually 2 a run.  The footing was good.  Thinking.  Plan of action is?  Not sure.  Had him adjusted by his chiropractor saturday after his runs.  No big issues were found, lots of little kinks.  Sunday = no bars.  I would like to think it was due to the adjustment, but monday he had bars again.  Although, the footing was deeper monday but i digress.  Kind of weird, was happy with every single run.  Got a Q in JWW and that is tough for me and deuce.  Even got a second place by like .1 of a second.  We don't Q much period so one Q a weekend is happiness for me.  More happiness is in sync runs and boy were we in sync.  So much so that every off course was me sending him to that exact location.  Good dog.  Looking forward to the show in two weeks.  Still contemplating bars.  Both kinds:)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

There is always next year

Was just reading one of my favorite blogs and she had said her new statement that she says routinely is "I'm Fine".  Well I guess I have a new motto or statement too, "there is always next year".  I find myself saying this over and over and over.  We are planning our big trip that we take once a year for tony's work meetings.  This year it is in vegas and I am really excited because I have never been.  Basically while he is in meetings all day, I get to do whatever I want till he gets out and then we get to go out and do stuff together. The company pays for our hotel and tony's airfare and all I have to pay for is my airfare and food.  It's a really sweet deal and I had a blast in new orleans the last time we went to this meeting.  Heck this year, may just lay in bed all day and drink and eat since the kiddo will be with my mom in KS.  The only bad part is, I just checked the dates and well, it is the same week as USDAA nationals.  Kind of relieved, kind of sad all at the same time.  Relieved that I don't have that pressure to get to as many USDAA shows as i can that are 6 or more hours away.  Relieved that I don't have to obsess about grand prix and steeplechase anymore and can just go out and have fun. You see something has changed within me and I hate to admit it.  I feared this and have fought it tooth and nail but now it is here and i am going to embrace it.  I don't want to leave my baby anymore routinely on weekends and if I can't take him with me for whatever reason, I probably won't go.  The pull of dog shows, my passion, my obsession is being overridden by another more powerful feeling.  I love my little baby and I want to be with him all the time.  My work and teaching hampers this a little bit and of course the weekends I am gone for three days really suck.  So, there will always be next year.  Hopefully I will be able to train more now that the weather is warmer and it is lighter later.  Going to just take the handful of shows that I do go to and make the most of it and have fun.  Just read yet another post today of yet another dog that is injured and out for a while so just going to have fun with what i have, celebrate a healthy dog that I love dearly and hopefully plan for next year:)