Monday, May 27, 2013


Here we are again.  Same song different verse except not really better or worse.  We headed up to Omaha for a weekend of agility last weekend.  Had to take Andrew, can't leave him behind anymore.  Missed my runs on Friday, took my time going up to Omaha and didn't get all stressed.  Had a friend run him in standard (walked in right as the 24s started) but he was in the where is my mommy mode and didn't run very well.  Still had one bar per run in JWW and in FAST (got the send dammit, but knocked a bar in the send GAH) and in both standard runs he ran around a jump.  One I didn't get him collected enough so there was no way he could have made it and one I tried to beat him out of a straight tunnel like some track star and he and I met and ran right past the jump we were suppose to do.  I just knew in my heart that he would knock it if I handled it as a rear cross.  I just can't take anymore bars.  Especially the bar the precedes the perfect run.  We seem to be having those alot.  The JWW run on Sunday was that way.  Heart breaking.  Had lead out three jumps as I HAD to get a FC after a triple to keep him out of a tunnel trap.  I guess he felt the need to rush to get to me and CRASHED the triple.  Got up, finished the run with a beautiful rest of the course run.  I do still feel like it is a matter of conditioning and I just haven't had the time to properly condition him.  Toyed around with taking the summer off.  Most of the summer trials are 4 + hours away which equals alot of money in gas, hotel and food.  Of course gas just shot up once again to 4 bucks a gallon.  So right now, have a show this coming weekend in OK, nothing in June, possibly one in July and then a couple in august in KC.  Sucks but it is what it is.  I feel like we are so close to really knocking it out but we just seemed perched on that edge and have been for quite a while.  Am hoping conditioning will help.  Trying to do more ball work and will have to take him on my shorter runs.  Runs are usually stella only but I have to get him in better shape.  Am also planning his neutering.  We had a run in T2B where he was super disconnected and I think it is because the bitch three or so dogs ahead of us was coming in.  Doesn't matter, is a training issue but if we aren't using him for breeding, won't hurt to go ahead and do the deed.  Since June is so free, am going to do it then.  Keep me in your prayers as he is my baby and I will have a super anxious day the day he goes in for the snip snip.

One thing I am focusing on right now is my health and my fitness.  Really taking it up a notch.  Running 5 days a week, biking when I don't run and strength training 3 days a week.  Will be adding two days of yoga to that and hopefully some swimming lessons this summer as well.  I needed me time.  Andrew is my life now and I tend to loose myself in raising him.  Just that little hour away is nice and helps me to refocus.  Am entered in a mud run, 1 5 K, 2 10 Ks and a half this summer/fall.  Who knows, maybe some day a marathon is in my future, maybe not.  For sure a tri some time next year if not a dual this year.  I kind of like splurging on me and my health.  Am probably in the BEST shape of my life.  Still have about 10 lbs to loose to go back to pre baby weight but my muscle tone is really good right now.  My body is pretty much back to or better than it was pre baby everywhere but my gut.  I was told to expect this and I am but it still sucks.  My nutrition is still lacking so I know with better nutrition, that will go away.  Just don't have a ton of time to cook and do the things I need to do for that to get better.  And of course my grocery store needs to stop stocking blue bell ice cream.  If they would do that, I would be golden:)