Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Have about 20 minute in between experiments so thought I would write.  So good things are happening right now and not so good things.  We are wrapping up the beta testing.  We haven't gotten the data we really need but we are hoping this last round of experiments will give us what we need.  This whole project is turning me into a second guessing, freak out, do stupid stuff kind of scientist.  I don't like it.  I am a usually very confident person and this whole experience has kind of rocked my world.  Makes me think that maybe science isn't my destiny.  Anyway, will be ready to get back to a semi-normal schedule.  Hubby has been laid off so he has been taking care of the baby while I work long hours and weekends.  Kind of glad I didn't get to enter all of those seminars and shows I had wanted to enter.  I do have a show next weekend, should be very interesting to say the least.  When i don't work lately, all I want to do is be with my baby.  Sigh.

Another good news item is my fitness.  So i signed up for this class at 5:45 am in the morning with my old personal trainer.  I signed up for five days a week.  Today was suppose to be day 4 (we started last friday) but I had to skip this morning.  I teach wednesday nights and was suppose to have this session wrapped up by now but thanks to weather and holidays, we still have two classes to get through.  I just was worried about working like a madman all day, then taking an hour break, then teaching for three hours then driving home for 40 minutes with little sleep.  Last night andrew and I went to bed super early, if you can call 9 pm super early, and slept till 7am.  Well, i say that but the dogs did try multiple times to wake me up and one of them peed in the floor but t hat is another story.  So I got a nice nights rest so I won't be quite so tired tonight driving home.  okay, back to the work out. i LOVE this class.  I knew i would and surprisingly, I haven't been very sore.  The weird thing is, I can't really feel my abs when we are working them.  I am still super numb down there.  Not sure if that is normal or not.  Not even sore the next day.  My upper body, other than my noodly triceps was in good shape and I haven't had any issues with the upper body stuff.  My legs feel pretty good too and my cardio isn't bad from the little running I have been doing.  It's just weird that i can't feel my abs at all.  I hope I am working them because that really is the only area of my body not back to normal.  I was reading on the babycenter website that alot of women never get back their flat tummies so I don't have high hopes but I would like to fit back in regular jeans close to the size i was.

Okay back to making this about puppies.  Everyone is starting to get puppies and for once, I am NOT jealous!  They are all getting super cute, destined to be awesome puppies but stella ruined me on puppies and I looking forward to being puppy free for a few years.  Hubby keeps saying andrew will need a puppy eventually but I am like HECK NO!  He will have stella and that will be all he needs.  I have been getting the itch to start rescuing again.  I have no clue why, four is enough dogs for us, but I have just been watching petfinder alot and been mentioning it to hubby alot.  I kind of miss it.  Even been looking at BCs to foster.  Probably a good idea to foster first just in case we ever do decide to add one to our family.  Still not sure they would be a good fit for us, but I have thought that alot about people lately and they are making it work and doing great.  Oh well, back to science now!