Saturday, July 12, 2014


I have had the most sickly year of my life.  I totally blame andrew and the germs he brings home to me.  On one hand, I know that he is building up the most awesome immune system ever but on the other hand, I am tired of being sick.  This has cut almost a whole week out of my running schedule and it is going to keep me from running the midnight run.  Not sure if I blogged about this last year but the midnight run is a race run out in the middle of no where Kansas in the pitch black dark on gravel on some of the toughest hills.  Last year was my first time doing it and I came in dead last.  Not only did I come in dead last, I had to write my time on a big chart while everyone watched, because they were low tech like that.  Very embarrassing.  While part of me didn't want anything to do with this race ever again, the other part of me was so ready to beat some people this year and show that i had become a stronger runner (last year I had just started serious training round about this time).  Plus this year it was a four miler versus the five miler we did last year and the moon was suppose to be stunning tonight.

I started feeling sick on thursday of this week.  Back up a few days, I had gone to a foam rolling clinic put on by our local bike shop.  It was taught by a chiropractor and I had picked up some awesome tips on foam rolling.  Truth be told, I am horrible about rolling it out as it is always really painful and I like to avoid pain.
my foam roller feeling the love lately
She told us that we should be rolling at least 3 times a day, which I just don't have time to do but I had decided to at least try once a day, every day.  After two straight days of rolling, I was sore.  Like hit by a bus sore.  I kept thinking it would be like running after a long break, you would be sore after the first few runs and then you wouldn't be.  Well, I kept getting more and more sore.  I ran on tuesday morning and did a pace run of four miles with a 9:59-10 minute pace.  I had planned on running again thursday but was going to have to shift my running to night as my hubby was working in topeka and I draw the line at getting up any earlier than 4:30 to run.  When i was once again sore on thursday, I just figured it was typical foam rolling sore.  I had learned a new way to roll out my upper back and I am notorious for getting knots in my upper back so I had been dutifully rolling my upper back and lower neck.  I started getting the chills right before I headed home from work which told me that this was more than muscle soreness.  Boo.  Fever was already at 101 when I got home and quickly rose to 102.5-103 throughout the night.  I had to take friday off. I hate taking days off because we have such a flow going now on sample prep but my trusty student was able to step up and take care of things while I was gone.  I mainly laid on the couch and watched mindless TV most of the day.  Since the only symptom was fever, I really didn't think going to the dr was going to accomplish anything.  I do today have a sore throat but it isn't horrible.  I did call my dr's nurse and she said that there was a viral thing going around right now that was rather nasty and just had a fever as the only symptom.  My fever finally broke yesterday with the help of meds, which previously hadn't been working.  I had hope that maybe, just maybe i could run today.

Woke up feeling good today so headed to town to pick some stuff up from my favorite place in the whole wide world, Target.  Decided to stop at the farmer's market to get some fresh veggies.  After walking around the FM twice (we have a really tiny FM) and around target getting the essentials, I had to lay down.  Fever came back and I have felt like poop ever since.  I am still not use to be a good patient and my hubby has been working tons of overtime so on his day off, all he wants to do is rest meaning i get the kiddlet no matter how crappy I feel.  The race is no longer even a thought and now I am thinking there is no way I am going to be able to run at all tomorrow either.  I had thought maybe I could get some sort of long run in but I think that is going to be just a dream.  I am bummed but I learned the hard way this spring that when you are sick, the best thing you can do is NOT run and recover or you will be recovering for much longer and not running for longer.  I had just gotten my newest running schedule with tons of new challenges and was really, really excited to start so I am bummed about that.  I had done my first double ever this week too.  I need to increase my weekly miles and this is an easy way to do so.  I am going to try and do at least two doubles a week. I would like to get my mileage closer to 30 miles a week if at all possible.

Andrew came home with a "rash" from daycare.  It started out with just a small spot under the neck.  It quickly spread down his trunk and into his groin.  It was also all over his cheeks and fore head.  I was concerned but it didn't seem to hurt him or bother him at all.  We rubbed benedryl cream on it and of course dr. google claimed it was probably viral and would have to work itself through his system.  I had decided if we got up and it was worse or he was itchy that we would head to the dr.  It has actually faded to little to nothing although I did speak with the dr on call this morning just to make sure we shouldn't go to KSTAT or be looking for other symptoms.  Hand, foot and mouth has been tearing through all of the daycares locally and ours had had several cases the last few weeks.  This just doesn't seem like blisters though so I am pretty sure it isn't HFM.  He also has eaten and drank like normal and I hear that the blisters are the worst in the mouth and he has none.  I will be watching him to see if it gets worse and if it does, we will head to KSTAT.  My mom is already on the ready to drive to KS just in case because I can't take off if I am well with the amount of samples we have ready to process. Anyway, I feel like the house of Coleman is one big house of infection.  I still have a very distant hope I will magically feel cured so I can do some sort of run tomorrow.  Maybe I am just way to optimistic.  

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