Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Vacation Plog part 3

I am going to attempt to blog from my phone (and it didn't so i had to wait and upload on the computer). This may or may not work.   Still trying to figure out how to get pictures to load. I am at that point where I don't want our vacation to end, yet I am ready to be home and back into a routine. Andrew and I have been sleeping till 9 am every morning so it is going to be tough to get back up at 5 am to run.
Well since I left off, we had a date night and got to eat at outback steak house on a gift card and go play putt putt golf at Casey Jones village.  We had a few friends join us on the course.  Yes, a mommy coon and her four babies helped us play and they were not pets.  It really was so nice to just get away by ourselves. We don't get that at all in Kansas with all of the grandmas being in Tennessee.  Andrew had a wonderful night with grandma and grandpa and even slept with Grammy.  We even got to go get a night cap at a local bar downtown that had live music with my cousin and one of my high school friends (who was in town too for the week). After another barre class the next day, we had lunch at the bakers rack, a cool new downtown restaurant and then headed out to Martin.  Andrew had another birthday party with the Coleman family at his great grandma Coleman's house. Andrew got some new trains and some new monster trucks.
While in Martin we visited the Discovery Center.  It is a really awesome interactive museum/exploration center complete with an earthquake simulator that simulates the reelfoot lake earthquake, a huge tall tower you can go up in that has glass floors (yes, I freaked out and wouldn't move), and several children's areas that tony and I had fun in too!  It is on 50 acres so there are many things to see an do outside including an entire settler's village, a tractor barn, an old church, fire house, state house, and pond/streams complete with ducks of all ages.  Andrew especially loved the ducks and really wanted to pet them so we had to work extra hard to keep him from doing so.  We had a great time and wisely bought two day passes so we could actually see it all.
 All in all it was too short and I loved seeing family.  The drive back was uneventful thanks to Deuce not eating any trash and andrew mostly sleeping.  Till next year Tennessee!

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